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All I have ever wanted, for select definitions of "all" and "ever", is a way to watch TCM on my laptop without having to borrow the TV from my parents. And any movie whenever I want, since half the time the ones I want to see air in the middle of the night (the other half of the time, it's when I'm at work).


You guys may have heard?

TCM has recently (as in it was announced on November 6 or so) launched WatchTCM - an app and website where you can livestream TCM East and West (3 hour delay for West) OR watch most movies on demand for a week after they air. I think it's a week?

Anyway. It's like HBOGO where you need to already subscribe to the channel through your cable or satellite provider, so I had to beg our log-in credentials off my parents. But I've basically been camped out with it all week watching screwballs and musicals from the 1930s and 1940s.

It's even better because all November, Matthew Broderick is hosting "Screwball Classics" every Friday night. 3-6 screwball comedies and musicals every Friday night you guys! It's like a DREAM COME TRUE except I don't have time to watch them all. :(

Also, the app is missing a few features, like a way to mark movies as being favorites or wishlist to buy later. And I don't know if marking them To Watch means that they'll show up again automatically on my watchlist the next time they air (TCM has a TON of movies in their library, but they still repeat some films, like The Awful Truth plays every few months which is good because it's in my top ten, though Theodora Goes Wild is also up there after seeing it yesterday and I don't think I'd been aware of it before, even though it's Irene Dunne and I love her).

But it's great! and wonderful!

And for those of you NaNoWriMoers, they've got a film called Blonde Inspiration which is available until the 19th and it's about this writer who isn't very successful at selling his stories, but things happen and he gets a break, but he has to write an entire novel in one day for a magazine. Maybe it's actually a novella? but the point is: it's hilarious and fun and the gags are amazing and y'all should watch it because it's topical.
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