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oh hey

did you know about my tumblr?

it is

and it is AMAZING.

it is literally 100% just screencaps of handwriting from old movies. letters, lists, telegrams, door/mailbox labels, signatures -- if it's handwritten, I take a stillframe and eventually upload it to my blog. (posts every Friday evening) sometimes if we're lucky i manage to get a GIF!

i am super proud of my blog. i've been running it for 1.5 years and have 255 followers and over 100 posts. i have seen a LOT of movies in the last three years. i actually started screencapping the handwriting examples about 9 months before i began posting, so i would have plenty of archives to choose from in case i went through a dry spell with no examples to be had or just not watching movies for a while. (i haven't seen a movie since my May vacation at Disney, actually, going on 3 weeks now, because i've been too tired and reading has had more appeal)

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