19 Nov 2012

keri: (oranges is nommy)
I suppose I should post these recipes in case you guys need to go to the grocery store tomorrow because you HAVE to have them for Thursday or Friday or something.

Brie and Blackberry Wontons )

Strawberry Bruschetta )

Thai Turkey Meatballs )

Blueberry Jam (Savory!) )

Okay, so these recipes are kind of awkward but I tried to simplify them and make them read better. You can probably do all sorts of substitutions - these were primarily meant to be like YAY DRISCOLL'S BERRIES. Also, you can swap out the berries for all of these. I think a raspberry or blackberry jam would be best with the turkey meatballs, and I'd do blueberry wontons and blackberry bruschetta, but that's just me.

This was at the culinary demonstration at the Food & Wine Festival, and they mentioned a bunch of things like NEVER rinse your berries until you're ready to use them, because rinsing is bad (actually, it removes the natural coatings, and so they spoil faster). Also, if you have a bunch of fresh herbs, you can put them into an ice cube tray with a bit of water and freeze them. Then let the ice cube melt and you'll have fresh herbs. There was a similar tip for dried-out bread, but using the microwave.

I actually liked the meatball, didn't think it was too spicy at all, which surprised me, because there's a lot of garlic and ginger and curry paste in there, which are three things I'm not usually crazy about. I think the jam is a good pairing with it. You could probably do this with leftover turkey and just shorten the cookin time.

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