26 Sep 2013

keri: (nicki - hahaha...no)
I stopped taking the beta blocker prescribed to keep my heartrate down recently. I just don't feel that great when I'm on it, and when I stop taking it, I feel SO much better mentally, even if I'm suffering the POTS symptoms more severely (at least, the ones related to my heart - the others never go away, they just aren't as obvious :P).

Yesterday, though, was AMAZING. I felt so good, didn't find myself guzzling water like a dehydrated camel, wasn't running out of breath talking to someone while standing up, &c. The only thing I did differently, that I can think of, is that I wore tights. That's it. I know that they recommend those constricting hose for people with severe POTS, but didn't think it would make much of a difference for me, since I really do have a milder version. WELL. All afternoon, especially after I've been standing up for a bit, I've felt this weird feeling in my ankles and feet. I don't know how to describe it, but it's like I'm suddenly hyper aware of the blood flow and pooling, and then starting to move again properly when I sit or lie down. Right now, my feet feel positively burning as I lie down after getting up to pee.

So maybe I need to embrace the official start of fall and wear tights every day.

Also, this water thing. You guys, if I'm so dehydrated that I've guzzled 72oz of water today and still felt like I needed more, why am i peeing so much. I mean, obviously I'm drinking water, so I have to pee. But if it's a dehydration thing, shouldn't I be retaining the stuff instead of having to piss like a racehorse every 90 minutes? I swear I've peed SO many times today. And it was never colorless like you'd expect with that much water, not compared to how it looks when I drink only 30oz in a single day mixed in with cokes and stuff.

Maybe I need to start making it a point to add salt to my diet again.

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