5 Aug 2016


5 Aug 2016 07:56 am
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so all spring and June there i was fretting about work and what do i do and i don't want to work for my boss but i want the job etc etc etc

almost all of our senior staff has left since january. entire departments are gone or halved.

i sat down with our deputy director mid-june i think i wrote about this, because i talked to a guy from another non-profit about a job opening? anyway, because of that i approached our deputy director, who is one of the longest employees we have (the other is the restaurant chef) and laid it out. there was a lot of stress on my part, and uncertainty in general about what would happen.

the summary is that i got promoted and began my new job recently. there was about a month of transition because of scheduling, but i have just finished my first full week salaried in the development department. (I never wanted to have a career in fundraising but i guess here i am?) well actually i guess it started back in january because so far i'm not really doing anything new, and isn't that a shame, that except for the autonomy and actually getting to make decisions and handle things, i've been doing this job for 6 months without adequate support.

i'm not shy of saying my salary, especially since it's public records: i earn $36,000 annually now. :) that's almost twice as much as i was earning as a receptionist! it's not a lot in the grand scheme (and I could be earning more in a private org), but it is a lot to me, and it's above the arithmetic mode of salaries at work (especially right now!). it's enough that i will be able to pay down my student loans enough to be able to afford to move out in a year or two!

i have been fighting a lot of Imposter Syndrome so far, mostly because even though i am capable of the job, it's not as second nature as being a receptionist yet, and there are a lot of things i've never had cause to learn. and others where i came in to the middle of a bunch of different projects without much preparation, so i'm playing catch up to figure out where things stand.

it's exciting and scary and i'm so happy to have the promise of financial security and the ability to have my own place in the near future!

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