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[personal profile] keri says my new inks should be arriving tomorrow or Thursday!!! They just reached the sorting center downtown this afternoon/evening coming out of San Diego, so depending on how early they get to my local PO and get sorted for the delivery truck, I might just be lucky enough to see them tomorrow. :) The only thing is that the package has to arrive by 7 or 8am, I forget which, to get on the delivery truck that departs around 8:30/8:45pm and gets to our block around noon. So most likely it will be Thursday, but I can be surprised!

These are the inks I ordered, after much debate:

Twilight Blue
- because I love teal inks and this one has lovely shading according to the tests/examples I saw at the FountainPenNetwork forums. I want to use it for general use at work, so it's a nice, dark teal. plus it's got more saturation than the cartridges i had been using, which sometimes tended towards grey.
- check out the FPGeeks' Inkcyclopedia for this ink

- again, dark to be suitable for use at work, but still nicely saturated with color. i chose this because it's so dark but has the wonderful green tints. on my screen, this swatch from Diamine is a little darker/more blue than some of the examples at FPN

- and here is a nice black - except that it has great purply and blue bits and is a little bit metallic at times. the swatch is definitely more blue than the purple that all the examples on FPN showed. i wanted to have a pen filled with black for forms and such that the green or teal wouldn't be appropriate for, but i didn't want a true black, so there's this one.

These are the colors on my list to get soon:

- this is a lovely purple with reddish and grey tones, but nice and dark. it's saturated, but not super bright, which is something i like - so many of the more true, bright purples aren't colors i like to write with regularly these days (and I already have a bunch of Waterman purple cartridges and Diamine Imperial Purple cartridges if I want a bright shade - imperial purple is here)

- I was thinking of "merlot brown", but after looking at comparison swatches and such, I think I'm going to go with Syrah, instead - it's a bit more saturated and deeper, less of a washed out brownish red. i don't want a crimson or bloodred ink, but i like this with the pink tones to it

J. Herbin's Larmes de Cassis
- when I'm ready for a sliiiightly more whimsical ink, I think this will be the one - I love how it's a purply reddish pink, nice and deep (this swatch seems to be a bit pale)

I love colors! paints and pastels and inks. when I was in high school, i had an enormous collection of Gelly Roll pens - over 35, I believe? almost every single color available (there were a few I lost or didn't bother with because they were useless for my purposes - i got a pack of the lightning ones, for example, but didn't get further additions to that line, because the silver element made a huge mess in my notebooks and was hard to read).

Here is my wishlist on, where you can see some of the pens and inks I like (keep in mind that I've already purchased several items on the page - I maintain it for repurchasing purposes):

My most recent pen which I ADORE is the Sailor Clear Candy, which I bought in metallic pink. This one:

It writes like a dream, especially with the Sailor black ink cartridge that came with it - and it was only $16.50! I bought pink Clear Candy ink cartridges to replace the black, but it's likely going to be in charge of the Eclipse ink once I use up the pink, or if the pink turns out to be unsuitable for my notes at work. FWIW I don't really care to spend more than $30 on a pen, and it's hard to convince myself to spend more than $20. At least for now...

If you'd like to try a fountain pen and don't want to invest too much, I've found that the Platinum Preppy is rather nice. I'm not entirely fond of the color of the ink in the blue-black one (it tends to be a little grey for me - I like my inks to be highly saturated, though!), but it's only $3.30 on JetPens and is easy to use. Plus, it looks pretty cool!

If you click the image, it will take you to the fine point blue-black version. I like fine points best, but a medium point is also available (I'd say in the Preppy, an F is similar to a .50mm Pilot G-2 gel pen, while an M is similar to the standard sized G-2 - .75mm? 1mm? but the size isn't exact). If you like it, once the cartridge runs out, you can then convert the pen to use bottled ink via eyedropper, which is pretty nice - bottled ink is loads more economical than cartridges, and there's less plastic waste.

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