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I feel so horrible right now. I have this massive headache that's been coming and going for days, usually showing up in the evening. I thought maybe it was a lack-of-caffeine kind of headache, because I noticed it first after a day without any cokes, but then tea didn't help, and i've been having it anyway now that I'm back to drinking cokes again. I thought maybe it was dehydration, but it's occurred even after drinking a full bottle of water or more. It's located in the middle of my forehead now, but sometimes is just around my right eye.

And this is in addition to the fact that my heartrate is still really elevated. It was at 110 resting this morning. I usually hang out around 100 when using my exercise bike, going up to 110 or 120 when I'm working especially hard, but it slows down again soon.

At first I thought it was just anxiety, but it's been going on for over a week, maybe a week and a half now. Last monday, my BP was 108/68, even though my heartrate was elevated, so I just assumed it was related to me being at the gyn's office.

I'm not sure what else I'm feeling might be related to that - like the vague nausea or maybe also the headache? probably the occasional loss of breath when standing up is related. but I didn't really start paying attention until yesterday.

I'm going to call my doctor in the morning, but that's in the morning (I coudn't call this morning because his phone number and the paperwork about my epidural steroid injection was all at home, and I didn't think it was that vital to leave work for it), and right now I just feel shitty and don't know what to do to make it better. I've taken an Aleve and had some chocolate and i'm working on another bottle of water. I had a glass of wine, too, because doesn't alcohol slow your heartrate? I don't think it worked, or it was very minor. At an rate, my mom didn't think it'd be a problem.
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