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Just got out of the shower after spending most of the day in bed, because I feel shitty.

My stepmom loaned me her finger pulse monitor yesterday, so I've been checking on my heart rate every now and then. Right now, it's about 115 beats per minute, but looks like it might be calming a bit now that I'm sitting down. When I was lying down most of the day, it hovered between 88bpm and 96bpm. Last night, while I was driving home from my dad's house, my pulse was mostly around 106bpm - except when I yawned (because I was exhausted) - it would rocket to 116bpm for a few seconds, then settle down again. I thought that was interesting. But when I got out of the car and walked into the house, it shot up to 138bpm and didn't budge until I lay down, at which point it gradually slowed. I've known that getting out of the car or standing up from my desk made me lose my breath a bit, but I didn't realize it correlated to such a jump in my heart rate - until I got the finger monitor, I had to wait until I could sit a moment to check. (I stuck it on before getting out of the car, because I was curious if the loss of breath was related. It was.)

I guess I have an excuse to feel shitty, but I do kind of wonder why I suddenly started to feel so much worse earlier this week (about 5-6 days ago now) compared to the weeks before, when I did have the increased heart rate that I attributed to anxiety, but wasn't losing my breath or feeling so exhausted. If it's related to the steroid injection, it seems a little late coming?

Anyway, I wanted to give an update:

I called my doctors on Thursday and they said "yeah, that's not normal, please come in ASAP" so I visited my GP on Friday afternoon. Thankfully my co-workers were extremely accommodating and helpful when it came to me basically taking a long lunch (I was gone exactly 1.5hours!). They've all been really nice about my complaining, which I hate that I do, but I'm not sure how to change. I've just always got back trouble or something, it seems. Anyway, my doc checked my pulse of course and after sitting quietly in the office for 40minutes or so, it was around 94-96bpm - which is high, but lower than it was at work - and so they gave me an EKG. The EKG showed a steady pulse - no skips or odd flutters - just somewhat fast for someone my age who hasn't been exerting herself at all. I should be around 60bpm, so that's clearly not so great. BUT the EKG also showed that the electrical whatsit wasn't right. There were several spots where it wasn't conducting properly, and they did it twice just to be sure.

So I got an "ASAP" order for the cardiologist to check me out and see why my heart is going crazy. My blood pressure is perfectly normal and in a healthy range, but BP isn't necessarily tied to heart rate.

My cardio appointment is for the 22nd at 3pm, which is the soonest available, but that's 2 weeks out! And meanwhile, I'm losing my breath if I try to have a conversation with anyone (or to leave a voicemail message) or if I'm eating or doing ANYTHING while walking - and sometimes just walking will do it. Now that I think of it, last Saturday when I went to the book signing and stuff I walked to the Landing and back to Chamblin's, several blocks, without trouble from my heart or anything (just a bit of back pain and hip stiffness). And I did my exercises at the PT on Monday without much more trouble than usual. In fact, I didn't notice that I had to catch my breath as much as usual (although the exercises were pretty low-key, they were mostly weight training I guess? using my own body weight, which did require some exertion). So this all definitely ramped up on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I'll need to put that in my daily diary, which I've been neglecting.

My headaches are still coming and going - it seems to be either caffeine-withdrawal related, or I'm due for an upgrade in my glasses. I think I'm mostly getting them when I've been reading the computer screen or my Kindle a lot, especially when I haven't been wearing my glasses. And my nausea is definitely related to being unable to catch my breath while I'm eating, so slowing down and not eating as much has helped that.

okay, checked my pulse again. The little thingy says it's around 102-103 now, which is pretty standard for when I'm sitting up, so that's good. I want to watch a movie, but it's football night. We don't even have the movies I want to watch, though ("The Emperor's New Groove", "Hercules", "Bringing Up Baby", that other early Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn one I'm forgetting).

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